Software Design

Operating System

The operating system is as easy as operating a mobile phone. As an administrator, you can easily add or delete users, set date and time and also access over 1000 log-in records of door entry.

Progressive Authentication

The Hieyie Processor guarantees a precise authentication of fingerprints. When a fingerprint is authenticated, the algorithm unlocks the door and updates the old image record with the new one.

User Management

Each fingerprint or access card registered can be identified and stored in the in the digital door lock system with the individual’s name , making each of them convenient to track, manage and delete, at any time.

Log in Records

Storage capacity of up to 1024 log-in records. Time, Date and Name of user can be identified, allowing you to achieve monitoring.

Time zone

You can set a limited time zone for a particular user to gain access into the house. For example, your weekend part-time domestic cleaner always reports for work on every Saturday from 09:00am to 12:00pm. Hence the smart digital door lock can be programmed to allow her to gain access while you’re out with your family. He or She can only enter within the limited time frame set and not on other days and timings.