Opening Methods

Singapore’s Trusted Home Security Locks

Invest in a watertight system that suits the particular needs of your property. Our state of the art door locks can be installed with a number of opening methods including smart digital passwords, fingerprint technology, contactless cards, and mechanical keys. All of these systems have undergone extensive testing and are highly efficient in protecting your home from intruders whilst enabling you easy access.

Fingerprint Technology

Our smart digital door locks for homes and offices use biometric technology that ensures genuine fingerprint authentication. The use of optical recognition in our digital door lock system in Singapore, which is commonly integrated in our customs and immigration checkpoints helps to detect and authenticate the fingerprints accurately and efficiently. This makes it easier and hassle-free for the young to the elderly to access and open the door.

Smart Password

The smart password technique utilized in our home security door locks is to prevent someone from recognizing your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or password as you use the keypad. A six-digit password can be concealed in a string of random numbers. For example, if your password is 999999, then the following combinations will unlock the door;

(a) 999999     (b) 123999999     (c) 999999123     (d) 123999999456

Contactless Card

Access Cards can be programmed with our smart locks. In Singapore, such access cards are an efficient way to ensure the security of your homes and offices.

With our card door lock, each card user can be registered and tagged with their personal name in the user management system. Certain RFID cards can also be programmed into the same lock system, allowing the users to have the flexibility to use their own cards.

Mechanical Key

Dessmann Digital Door Locks have incorporated a manual override key-lock system in which a high security key can be used to open the lock mechanically. The design of our mechanical door lock is duplicate-proof, elegant, secure and is hidden beneath the door lock itself, making it tougher to pick without affecting product aesthetic.

For more information on our state of the art home security solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Singapore office by calling +65 6707 1538 or using the online enquiry form.