Singapore’s Most Sophisticated Lock Interfaces

Dessmann is the market leader when it comes to providing a superior user experience. Our passwords, fingerprint, and biometric lock interfaces are some of the most advanced in Singapore and provide easy access for homeowners and superior property protection with advanced security settings. Accessing and managing the security on your property is made simple with these sophisticated devices which not only enable you to enjoy absolute confidence in your security system, but can also be used to monitor who has been on your property.

Dot Matrix Display Screen

Every Dessmann fingerprint lock in Singapore has a large dot-matrix display screen allows you to manage the lock functions easily and clearly. With this screen, it helps you in the user management such as tagging a personal name to each fingerprint or access card registered in the system, adding and deleting users etc. A log-in record also allows you to assess the date and time of each entry by the different users.

Keypad / Touch Screen

This model is an modern version of the classic password lock with a number of advanced features. It allows you to key in your password easily and yet it is designed without compromising the aesthetic value of the smart digital door lock. This guarantees a precise input of information and will not be affected by frequent usage.

Fingerprint Scan

Integrated within the digital door lock, this secure and unique biometric door lock ensures genuine authentication and fast response. Your fingerprint is easily detectable using the optical recognition rather than a finger-swipe method. This type of fingerprint lock system is used in the customs and immigration checkpoints in Singapore, so you can be confident that it will be highly effective when it comes to protecting your property.

For more information on the advanced range of home security solutions we offer in Singapore, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling +65 6707 1538 or using the online enquiry form. Dessmann prides itself on being at the forefront of home security technology with products that incorporate biometrics, advanced engineering, and sophisticated monitoring capabilities.