Hardware Design

Automatic Lock Technology (Triple Bolt)

Closing the door will automatically trigger the three lock bolts to secure the door itself. With this technology, you will never have to worry whether your door is properly locked or not.

German Engineered Mechanism

Dessmann’s mechanical lock allows the smart digital door lock to consume less battery power. This eradicates the problem of wear and tear that is apparent in auto-motorized parts installed to drive the bolts, hence prolonging battery life. This mechanical lock helps eliminate the hassle of replacing motorized parts. Mechanical parts are made of stainless steel and high-strength manganese. The electronic parts and fingerprint modules are all independent from one another, ensuring product reliability and ultimately safety.

Independent Power System

The digital door lock does not need an external power source and is operable with only 4 batteries. An additional set of 4 batteries can be used as a form of back-up and the system can operate efficiently for more than 12 months.

Robust Material

The front and back panel of the digital door lock, including the battery casing, the sliding panel protecting the keypad and the door handle are made of strong metal alloys, allowing for full protection over the longest longer period of time. In addition, the digital door lock is able to resist the effects of weather such as rain (< 90%RH), cold and heat (-25°C to + 55°C).